What We Do

Whether you’re looking for a business signs rock or a residential custom landscape boulder, we’ve got the rock-solid experience you need to fashion your one-of-a-kind project.

Large or small, any shape or color–your engraved boulder by Boulder Designs is limited only by your imagination.

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or call (877)892-2954 for an estimate on purchasing your boulder.


Business signs and more

We think that every business is a rock star with a concert of customers waiting to discover its remarkable products and services. The ticket is a business signage rock to guide them there.

We’ve helped rock stars like city halls, schools, parks, tourist attractions and fast food restaurants–and we want to help you, too! Imagine your business signs boulder, set within a garden-like atmosphere with borders of flowering shrubs or carefully placed park benches.

Your engraved boulder will blend beautifully into the natural landscape, yet it stands a cut above with its regal and distinctive look and a generously large circumference–it’s easy to see from the street or sidewalk.


Address rocks, garden stones and more

You don’t have to roll that boulder uphill! We’ll do it for you when we install your custom landscape boulder, engraved with the special image or message you select. Whether you want to establish your family name, display a patriotic image, or shout out the entrance to your rambling ranch, we’ve got what you’re looking for. Our signage rocks are made of natural and durable materials that mimic the beauty and timelessness of stone. It’s an easy, inexpensive way to add that custom touch to your residential landscape. Standing regally at the entrance to your castle, this beautifully engraved boulder will be the envy of friends and neighbors.