Roger and Alverta Darding's BoulderHow lucky we were to have found Boulder Designs®

We had decided we wanted a rock with the name of our property, Buckeye Ridge. However, trying to locate a rock of sufficient size, shape, and color to accommodate our wishes was proving to be nearly impossible. Then, if we did find the right rock, we were going to have to ship it to our residence, find someone to letter on it, and someone who could place the rock in position on our property. Our project was beginning to look difficult and expensive.

Boulder Designs® came to our rescue and eliminated all our work and worry. They did the entire job from design to installation in three (3) weeks time. We were so impressed with their creativity of design and the computer graphics which allowed us to see exactly how the finished product would appear. One of the employees even suggested that they could make the rock resemble the outline of the state of Ohio, if we’d like them to do that. We thought that was a great idea and went with it. We couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out!

Roger and Alverta Darding
Charleston, Illinois